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community policy

If you are in our communities, please follow the below rules.

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general rules

these general rules are available in all comunities


The first rule to follow is to avoid spamming. Spamming is strictly prohibited, and if you engage in spamming, you will be warned. Continued spamming after receiving multiple warnings will result in consequences, the severity of which will depend on the specific circumstances.

spamming includes:

  1. sending messages that contains random characters
  2. sending either screen reader crash codes or codes that can crash the client nor the device.

While it's impossible to list all possible forms of spamming, it is important to note that if an administrator instructs you to stop spamming, you are expected to comply. Failure to follow their instructions may lead to consequences, which will be determined based on the severity of the situation.


Respecting one another is of utmost importance. It is essential to show respect to every member of the group. Respect should not be limited to specific individuals; it should be extended to everyone, including administrators and moderators. In order to maintain a respectful environment, all members should treat each other with respect and refrain from engaging in disrespectful behavior. If someone reports that you have shown a lack of respect towards them or have posted, sent, or said disrespectful things, appropriate consequences will be applied based on the severity of the incident and the specific community in which it occurred.

speaking and language

the speaking and language is an important of rules that even you should follow. you will not speak with not supported languages in the group, or you will get a penalty depending on the severity.

supported languages:

  1. english. this is an international group, so in this group you should speak in english language for everyone to understand.
  2. burmese. this is only for those who could speak burmese, but could not speak english

you will not speak in other language accept from the list above, or you will get consequences depending on the severity and in which community it was happened.

posting contents

posting contents in the community is to post about games, projects, things that about visually impaired, and all forms of technical, you can post whatever you want. however, some contents will never be allowed to post. all of our communities do not have place for those contents to live. they are:

  1. - Post links to porn, murders, or any other adult rated material.
  2. - Post messages, that are, or contain portions that are, racistic, vulgar, disrespectful to culture or religion or ethnicity...

If you are found to be sending the aforementioned content, there will be consequences depending on the severity, which may include temporary or permanent bans. In the case of Telegram, we may contact Telegram officials to request the deletion of your account.

Respecting Everyone's Privacy

The privacy of every individual is taken seriously. Therefore, sharing, disclosing, providing, or leaking someone's information without their consent is strictly prohibited. Depending on the case, such actions may result in consequences such as bans, warnings, mutes, or other measures, depending on the community guidelines in place.


the following are also the rules (specificly on telegram)

bots and messages

On the Telegram community, we use group management bots to ensure that the community stays on topic and to check who sends unauthorized messages. However, under no circumstances are you allowed to abuse, spam, or use the bots in any way that would negatively impact the community's moderation and discussion.

Failure to follow this rule will result in a penalty ranging from a one-day ban to a permanent ban. You may also be permanently banned from the federation (see below) for violating this rule.


This is a list of explanations of certain parts of the rules and guidelines that we think you may not fully understand:

  1. Federation ban: If you get banned from the federation, which is only available on Telegram, you will no longer be able to join any communities located on Telegram that are associated with Harry Production.
  2. ban: If you get banned, it means that you are no longer allowed to join to the community again.
  3. warn: If you get warned, it means that you have broke one or more rules, and indicating that you should listen and follow all over the rules

agreement to the rules and guidelines

By joining or remaining in our communities, it is essential that you adhere to the rules and guidelines set forth. If you do not agree to abide by these rules and guidelines, we kindly request that you refrain from joining or participating in any of our communities.

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